A love song


un pti post juste pour parler d'Amanda l'ai découverte comme 1ère partie de Santigold en juin au Métropolis et j'adore son style cash! Elle déchire cette fille...

I had a dream that you and i were both 16
Holding hands after school,
We didn't care who would see
You'd tell me that i was pretty and that you'd love me for life
Take care of me forever 'cause you'd make me a wife
When the girls call me up and try to mess with my head
Tell 'em all that if i left you, you'd be better off dead
'cause you'll never love another, they just don't understand
That your life would be over if i found another mate,
You call me up on the phone, we were talking til we fell asleep,
Without you i'd rather be in hell
Life just wouldn't be as fun, it wouldn't be the same,
I wanna stay with you forever and even take your last name
'cause there's no one in my life that makes me feel as good as you
The way we cuddle on the couch and share the secrets that we do
With all the little jokes that no one else could ever know and the part of me
That you can see 'cause you're the one i show
I know we gotta make it work, 'cause baby you're the man for me
Without you by my side my world would be incomplete
And if you ever leave me lonely, boy my heart would be crushed

I need love.i need love
I'm a lady
I need love..i need love
I'm a lady
I need love ï'm a lady

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