Love is in the air

Pour une date spéciale...une dédicace à C que j'aime comme au 1er jour...

Watchin' you, while you sleep
My hand on your breast feels you heartbeat
Whispering in your ears
Explaining the way you make me feel
You make my dreams come true
The soul i missed, i found in you
So addicted to your love
oh you always have the best place in my heart

If there was only one place, it would be by your side.
Coz just with you on my side, i can make it right
If there was only one place, would it be by my side?
Would you share all your dreams with me for the rest of our lives?

I hope that you will always stay here
Coz without you, life won't be the same
With you i share my world 
I'm so glad to be your girl
For you to make me everything

What we have is so hard to fine
So let's hold on to it till the end of time
I know that i feel blessed 'coz boy with you, God gave me the best
I will always be grateful for what we had

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